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Artful Comics

Artful Comics is a literary magazine promoting comics as a creative medium and art form. The student-run anthology exhibits contemporary short comics with a literary bent, and fosters an on-campus community of comic artists, writers and enthusiasts.

Atlas Magazine

Atlas Magazine will promote the education of students in the areas and fields of journalism, magazine writing, blogging, editing, publishing, design, photography, marketing, and leadership.  Atlas also provides Emerson students with support for reaching their career goals and strives to be an accurate representation of the Emerson community as a whole.

Concrete Literary Magazine

Concrete Literary Magazine is produced by the undergraduates of Emerson College. Concrete Literary Magazine is entirely student-run and features poetry, prose, and photography by the Emerson College undergraduate community.

Office Location: Print Production, 150 Boylston Street, Room L155

Developed Images

Emerson’s only creative black and white photography magazine that showcases the talents of students, Developed Images is published annually and accepts submissions from anyone in the Emerson community.

Emerson Review

This award-winning literary magazine is edited by undergraduates and issued biannually. It includes short stories, poetry, articles, and reviews by students, as well as work solicited from graduate students, faculty, and guest authors.

Office Location: Print Production, 150 Boylston Street, Room L155

em magazine
em magazine, Emerson’s only lifestyle magazine, covers fashion and beauty, relationships, features, fitness, entertainment, and Emerson news.

em Magazine

em Magazine, founded in 2007, is Emerson’s only lifestyle magazine dedicated to providing the student body with not only real experience on a commercial style magazine, but also real content they actually want to read. The magazine covers fashion and beauty, relationships, features, fitness, entertainment, and Emerson news. All content is student produced. Online and now in print.

Emertainment Monthly

The purpose of Emertainment Monthly is to seek to bring together students of various disciplines, to create a community of artists and critics, to facilitate excellence in writing and communication in an endeavor to provide the Emerson community a reputable outlet of creative, critical, and analytical expression. Covering film, television, music, theater, video games, comic books, books, web and more; Emertainment brings writers together to report entertainment news and critically review and analyze the entertainment industry.

Five Cent Sound Magazine

The purpose of Five Cent Sound Magazine is to offer students a place to explore music, its industry, and its role in popular culture through writing, photography, marketing, and whatever else inspires them. Five Cent Sound Magazine aims to give its readers a comprehensive guide on all things music.

Gauge Magazine

Launched in the fall of 2001, Gauge is a general interest and cultural media arts magazine produced entirely by Emerson College students. Its goal is not only to incorporate the various fields of study offered at Emerson into one compelling publication, but also to push the boundaries of the magazine format.

Office Location: 150 Boylston Street, Room L121


Emerson’s humor magazine, Hyena, was founded in 1979. It is one of the outlets open to the Emerson community for humor, both written and visual. All types of positions are available and anyone interested in humor, publishing, and printing should contact Hyena via its mailbox in the Campus Center.

Lash Magazine

Lash Magazine is an intersectional feminist magazine that seeks to challenge discriminatory behaviors and beliefs born out of ignorance, patriarchal society, white supremacy, heterosexism, cissexism, classism, ableism, and other oppressive systems. Through the primary lens of intersectional feminism, Lash is concerned with spreading a message of equality and achieving the collective liberation that is only possible through solidarity.

Stork Magazine

Recognized in the spring of 2005, Stork is an annual fiction journal dedicated to demystifying the publishing process and improving student writing. Stork is founded on the idea of communication between editor and writer and provides an outlet for budding writers to take their work to the next level.

The Emersonian

The Emersonian, the College yearbook, is a permanent chronicle of the days, people, places, and events of the academic year. Students interested in photography, advertising, layout, or copy editing will get professional exposure and expertise.

Office Location: 150 Boylston Street, Room L133B


THREAD exists to provide Emerson College students with the opportunity to publish their works of the script and screenplay format in a high quality, professional anthology. It also offers the unique element of having a work of visual art accompany each published script. With the idea that screenplay is an ultimately visual medium, THREAD attempts to showcase a drawing, sketch, painting, etc. of the same feel and tone alongside each script. THREAD also provides scriptwriters and playwrights with the chance to move their script to the next stages in production with the annual staged Reading Night and ties with on-campus groups.

Undergraduate Students for Publishing

The purpose of Undergraduate Students for Publishing is to inform Emerson undergraduates about publishing careers by inviting professionals to engage in discussion with students about their work. The club hosts panels of publishing experts to speak about their specific jobs and about current issues in magazine and book publishing. How to find and handle a publishing internship or a first job—and how to build a career in publishing—are regular topics. Advanced, experienced students offer advice to publishing newcomers. Field trips, community service projects, videos about publishing, and other events round out the club’s varied program of activities.

Your Magazine

Your Magazine’s goal is to promote education of the magazine and media industry by giving students the opportunity to create content for a monthly publication targeted at students at Emerson and around Boston that focuses on the lifestyle of an urban college student, and to create content that is relevant to the Emerson community.

Student Life - Em Magazine Video

em magazine

Watch a photo shoot for em magazine's etiquette issue.