Political, Service & Social Advocacy

Service Learning

In service learning courses, you apply classroom learning to real community challenges, enhancing your academic experience while providing services to local community-based organizations. You can also get involved, individually or through student clubs, with nonprofit organizations such as homeless shelters, after-school programs, and environmental agencies.

The Office of Service Learning and Community Action provides the resources, information, and guidance to help you identify community opportunities that capture your interest, advance your learning, and develop your social awareness.

Political, Service, and Advocacy Organizations

Active Minds at Emerson College

Active Minds at Emerson College speaks out against stigma and discrimination towards mental health disorders and concerns, creating a safe space for students to discuss mental health. Our primary goals include: creating a better life for those who experience mental illness on campus, educating students and faculty about mental health disorders and resources, exposing the campus community to individuals living with mental health challenges in order to increase acceptance and understanding, and planning campus events that promote positive mental health habits.

Communication Politics and Law Association (CPLA)

The mission of CPLA is to awaken students’ passion for communication, politics, and law and to turn their political interest into political action.

Earth Emerson

Earth Emerson works to promote environmental awareness and stewardship and to better the campus, community, and global environment through student action. Annual activities include fundraisers, benefit concerts, recycling, hiking, community clean-ups, and campus greening projects.

Emerson College Democrats

The Emerson College Democrats is an organization dedicated to promoting Democratic Party politics, educating the Emerson College student body, and creating and maintaining a lively political atmosphere to promote Democratic awareness.

Emerson College Polling Society

The Emerson College Polling Society will conduct polls (nationally, by state, or locally) to measure public opinion on various issues and political races. Participation in this group enhances members' civic engagement, educating them on issues and current events. The society also aligns with the College’s mission statement by promoting leadership and improving communication skills by challenging members to write concise, unbiased polls and create press releases to share our work with the world.

Emerson College Republicans

The Emerson College Republicans is an organization that represents the Republican Party within the student body of Emerson College. It serves as a home for conservative voices on campus and above all focuses on promoting political dialogue among the student body.

Emerson Peace and Social Justice

Emerson Peace and Social Justice, formerly known as the Emerson Greens, is a non-hierarchical group of dedicated students working toward social and economic justice in the Emerson community, Boston, and beyond. Emerson Peace and Social Justice advocates and educates in any areas promoting a positive change in our environment, particularly in the areas of nonviolence, feminism, tolerance and diversity, social justice and equal opportunity, community-based economics, and ecological wisdom.

Emerson Reform

The Emerson Reform will is to generate change by bringing young people together and to create a safe space for students of all ideological upbringings to have an honest conversation about drugs and drug policy.

Emerson’s Understanding National Immigration through Education (UNITE)

We are Emerson’s only immigrant rights group that promotes education and advocacy. We seek to inform the campus about immigration and the issues surrounding the civil rights issue of our time. We helped to encourage a Dream School Working Group. As a college that specializes in communication and the arts, Emerson College is training the world’s future leaders, communicators, and entertainers who will shape the nature of the nations (and the world’s) cultural make-up. We want to see these future leaders, trained with sensitivity to human rights issues that will continue into their craft and careers.

Generation Citizen

Generation Citizen aims to strengthen our nation's democratic future by empowering youth to become engaged and effective citizens now. To fulfill this mission, college volunteers, known as "GC Democracy Coaches," enter local middle and high school classrooms to guide a semester-long, action-oriented course on effective citizenship. This course, which takes place during the school day, is aligned with district and state social studies standards. Democracy Coaches and students explore how to bring substantive change through lessons centered on the political system, and the course culminates with the class taking collective action on a student-selected local issue. This organization will serve as the Emerson chapter of Generation Citizen, providing critical support to democracy coaches, putting on education and civic-minded events, and recruiting more students to the program.

Imagine Students Reaching Out

Imagine Students Reaching Out focuses on involving Emerson students with local community service projects. The idea is that while helping others, members develop leadership skills, have fun, and enrich the lives of others.