Performance Organizations

Acappellics Anonymous

The purpose of this organization is to provide alternative performances for and foster greater musical appreciation among the Emerson community and to provide its members with an outlet for artistic expression and growth. This organization, as an a cappella group, further diversifies and enriches Emerson's performance community by combining elements of both music and scripted performance. Its mission is to provide an alternative musical outlet for the Emerson community and improve the greater Boston community by combining theatrics and service with traditional a cappella performance.

Achoired Taste

The purpose of Achoired Taste is to provide individuals within the student body at Emerson College with an additional opportunity to share their passion for music and singing with their peers; to perform popular music with energy and passion to contribute to Emerson College’s creative culture and spread awareness of the College’s thriving a cappella community; and to represent Emerson College by participating in outreach events with a cappella groups in the Greater Boston Area, throughout New England, and beyond to establish professional connections and share music as an important form of personal expression.

ASLEmerson (Hands On Experience)

ASLEmerson (formerly known as Hands On Experience) is an organization that was created to learn about and promote the awareness of deafness and sign language as a form of communication. This is done through regular performances and workshops that incorporate music, poetry, dance, and the performing arts with sign language. Membership is open to all students, regardless of major or related experience.

Chocolate Cake City

Chocolate Cake City serves as a creative outlet for writers, actors, and film and production students as a means to unite all Emerson College majors to produce a comedy show. The aim is to explore the many forms of comedy and thus create a varied, original, and most importantly, funny show.

Derbyn and the Drakefish

Recognized in Spring 2016, the purpose of Derbyn and the Drakefish is to create jokes, embrace creativity, and promote goodwill.  We focus on both live and video sketch comedy.

Emerson Comedy Workshop

Emerson Comedy Workshop’s main purpose is to explore and perform any and all comedic forms, as well as to provide experience for all students interested in the field of comedy with a special emphasis on sketch and video comedy. Membership is open to all full-time students who complete the audition process and are chosen to be actors, writers, or directors.

Emerson College Treble Makers

The Emerson College Treble Makers purpose and goal of the Organization shall be to create the largest a cappella group on campus by expanding beyond the 20 person capacity of other groups, by focusing on fundraising attempts for Emerson College and the greater Boston community, and to provide a theatrical approach to a cappella music on campus.

Emerson Dance Company

The Emerson Dance Company is a student organization that welcomes both the accomplished and beginning dancer. The group offers opportunity and growth in the areas of performance and choreography. They also offer Master Classes by well-known choreographers and dancers that are open to the Emerson community.

Emerson Poetry Project (EPP)

The Emerson Poetry Project (EPP) is a student organization that is dedicated to building a community of writers who want to share their original work, receive helpful feedback, improve in craft and develop through the medium of performance poetry. Every voice is important, and EPP provides an open environment in which anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute. Weekly meetings are held consisting of open mics, slams, featured poets and workshops. Recognized Organization of the year, 2012-2013.

Emerson Urban Dance Theater (EUDT)

The purpose of EUDT is to use hip hop, tap, modern, and related dance styles as dynamic narrative tools.

Inside Joke

Inside Joke is a student organization on campus that seeks to provide an outlet for Emerson stand-up comedians to perform for their peers, engage with their community and hone their craft.

Jimmy’s Traveling All-Stars

A technically oriented comedy group founded in the spring of 1999, Jimmy’s Traveling All-Stars seeks to promote comedy through use of both live and taped sketch performances, with a preference toward video.

Kidding Around

Kidding Around is Emerson’s theater group that performs and provides unique theater experiences exclusively for children. It performs on campus and at local schools and after school programs where it creates an "interactive" theater environment with children of all ages. Emerson students are encouraged to become directors, designers, producers, actors, writers, and media persons. Contact:


This is Emerson’s only dramatic theater troupe that explores all facets of producing, teaching, and performing theater. We open our membership doors to anyone interested in stage managing, producing, directing, and teaching.

Musical Theatre Society

Muscial Theatre Society (MTS) provides opportunities for participating in outstanding musical production numbers on and off campus. Annually, MTS is responsible for Cabaret Players Productions and co-producing a major Spring Musical with the Performing Arts Department, performed at Emerson’s Majestic Theatre in Boston’s Theatre District. MTS also sponsors special guest appearances by leading musical theatre personalities. MTS is open to all members of the College, regardless of their field of study.
Office Location: 150 Boylston Street, Room L123

Emerson's Noteworthy


The purpose of this Noteworthy, created in the fall of 2002, is to promote creativity, education of music, and diversity with regards to the a cappella scene at Emerson and in the Boston community. The group provides entertainment for a variety of on- and off-campus events.

Police Geese

The goals of Police Geese are to promote individuals within Emerson College to explore their comedic writing and acting styles in a judgement free setting and to perform sketch and video comedy shows that invite both Emerson and the public to experience Emerson College’s comedy community.

Rareworks Theater

Named Organization of the Year for 2004-–2005, the mission of Rareworks Theater is to support theatrical productions fully produced, directed, managed, and otherwise staged solely by students of Emerson College.

Shakespeare Society

The mission of this group is to provide an opportunity for Emerson students, of all majors and levels, to read, discuss, explore, and perform the works of William Shakespeare and related material through weekly discussion groups and production work; and to promote the knowledge of and interest in Shakespearean literature and theater in the greater community through educational outreach, workshops, and public performances.


Stroopwafel is a short form improv comedy troupe. Our mission is to create a community that will motivate and inspire students through imagination and intelligence. Our shows require heavy audience participation, which allows us to make our attendees feel like a part of the every show.

Swolen Monkey Showcase

This comedy and improvisation group is fully aware that it has misspelled “swollen.” The group performs original material throughout the year at scheduled showcase performances on campus and at Boston’s comedy clubs. Auditions are held each semester for students interested in comedy writing and/or performing. Membership is open to those students interested in production and advertising aspects of the organization.

The Girlie Project

Recognized in the spring of 2005, the purpose of The Girlie Project is to promote female performers, writers, and directors in the world of comedy. Membership is open to both women and men of all majors to create monologues, sketches, films, dances, and more in a non-competitive environment.

This Is Pathetic

This is Pathetic theatrically explores the personal, uncomfortable, disturbed, and sometimes inappropriate aspects of life. By placing these events of life in an experimental comic atmosphere, it is easier to understand just what we never want to. Open auditions are held annually.

Student Life - Mercutio Acting Troupe Video

Mercutio Acting Troupe

Watch the Mercutio Acting Troupe, the oldest performing arts group that infuses art into real life, perform at Faneuil Hall Marketplace—screaming at their cell phones for two minutes.


Meet Stroopwafel

Learn about one of Emerson's comedy troupes: Stroopwafel. Watch video »