Campus Center

Campus Center Offices

Campus Center

The Campus Center oversees numerous services and events for students.

Dean of Students

Office: Room 231
Phone: 617-824-8640

The Dean's office oversees the following:

  • Assistance for students to work through a problem
  • Completion of recommendation forms for transferring
  • Concerns and suggestions regarding campus life or student services
  • Correspondence to faculty to verify approved temporary student absences from class
  • Leave of absence or withdrawal from the College
  • Student Code of Conduct violations
  • Who’s Who selection process

Office of Student Life

Office: Room 240
Phone: 617-824-8637


  • Associate Dean of Students (Room 246)
  • Student Life Staff Assistant (Room 240)
  • Director of Student Activities (Greek Affairs Advisor) (Room 244)
  • Director of Multicultural Student Affairs (Room 242)

The Student Life office oversees the following:

Off-Campus Student Services

Office: Room 227
Phone: 617-824-7863

Visit the OCSS office to rent a locker, attend an apartment workshop, or find information about living off campus.