Office of Student Employment


The high quality of the Student Employment Program begins with effective leadership from department supervisors.

To ensure standards of fairness, excellence, and compliance with College policies are met in the workplace:

  • You will not permit students to work until you have received a Work Authorization email from the Student Employment staff.
  • You will review the Payroll Schedule and all deadlines with your student.
  • You will sign your Student Employment timesheets by 12 pm on the day they are due, according to the posted payroll schedule.
  • You will ensure students do not work more than 20 hours per week when classes are in session and more than 40 hours per week when classes are not in session. 
  • You will complete a new work authorization form for each academic year and each summer for all students you employ.
  • You will attend the Student Employment Supervisor meeting. 
  • You will notify the Student Employment Coordinator of any changes to your students' current supervisor; any new contact information must be disclosed in a timely fashion.
  • You will read and comply with Student Employment email announcements throughout the year.
  • You will set hourly rates based upon job responsibilities and the number of years a student has worked in that position. Students working in the same position with similar levels of experience must be paid the same amount, whether they are undergraduate students or graduate students.
  • You will pay your students at least $8 per hour, but will not exceed the maximum on-campus rate of $15 per hour. 
  • You will outline basic work expectations and responsibilities to each of your student employees.
  • You will notify the Student Employment Coordinator of any change in status of any of your student employees.
  • You will provide all students with two weeks' notification before termination of employment.
  • You will be responsible for departmental payments initiated by changes in a student’s Federal Work Study award.
  • You will keep an accurate and timely written record of each student’s daily work schedule for timesheet completion and will make this written record available to the Student Employment Coordinator upon request.
  • You will complete a Non-Compliance timesheet for all students who worked during a pay period but failed to start a timesheet.
  • You will provide warnings for students who do not complete timesheets by the deadline, and will terminate students who do not complete timesheets for a third time. 
  • You will recheck your timesheet approval queue prior to noon on timesheet due dates to verify that all your student employees have been approved
  • You will set up at least one proxy.
  • You will verify that all of your current student employees are on your timesheet each week.