Office of Student Employment


Supervisors have three days to review applications once they are submitted.

  1. Log into PeopleAdmin and select Requisitions Student.
  2. Select Position then the applicant that you would like to take action on. 
  3. Click on Take Action On Requisition.
  4. Select Moved to Hired followed by Start Hiring Proposal.
  5. For Hiring Proposal Information, enter whether the position is Emerson Employment or Federal Work Study.
  6. Input the Actual Start Date and Actual Starting Salary. Click Next. 
  7. Click on Take Action On Requisition then Submit (Move to Student HR).
  8. Student HR inputs the job in Banner which creates a timesheet and the Requisition moves to Authorized to Begin Working.


Once a position has been approved by Student HR, the Supervisor will have the option to post the job internally. By selecting the position from your list of Student Requisitions, you'll have the option to Take Action on Requisition > Post Internally. 

This will create a message "This requisition is not available to applicants via search results but may be accessed directly at". You will be able to post that link into an email that will send to your student applicants that you would like to rehire. It will include directions for your rehires to follow. 

To take action on your rehires, please follow the same steps (above) to hire.