Office of Student Employment

Getting Paid

Students are paid biweekly.  Students must complete the direct deposit option, in which case paychecks will automatically be transferred into students' personal accounts. Generally, it may take up to two pay periods for the direct deposit to go through.  Prior to that happening, physical check can be picked up on paydays after 11:00 a.m at the Office of Financial Aid, 216 Tremont St, 4th floor.


To fill out a timesheet:

  1. Log into eCommon and click the Student Employment tab.
  2. Select the correct timesheet from the date ranges listed.
  3. Click Enter Hours in the appropriate date and row. Timesheets are separated by Federal Work Study (FWS) and Emerson Employment (EME) jobs.
  4. Enter number of hours to the hundredths if needed (such as 7.25). Please note, however, that decimals do NOT equal minutes: 7.25 will be logged as 7 hours 15 minutes.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Only click Submit when you have completed your timesheet for the full pay period. Once timesheets are submitted, students can no longer access or change them. 

Additional instructions regarding the submission of your timesheet can be found here.

Timesheets can be accessed through eCommon on the first Tuesday of every pay period and are due on Mondays by 10 am, every two weeks. Students will have a separate timesheet for every position they hold on campus. 

If there is an error on eCommon regarding a timesheet or a paycheck/direct deposit is not delivered, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 617-824-8655 or email the student employment coordinator.  

Direct Deposit

The process for setting up your direct deposit is available via eCommon, click here for simplified instructions.

Student Employees are paid for hours worked, not hours scheduled. Days missed due to illness, weather, or holidays are not to be counted as hours worked. It is Massachusetts state law that all employees who work more than 6 hours are required to take an unpaid 30-minute break. Students may not waive their right for this break.