Office of Student Employment


All undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled at least part-time in a degree-seeking program are eligible to participate in Emerson’s student employment program. See special restrictions on freshmen and transfer students and ineligible students below.

Freshmen and Transfer Students

Incoming freshmen or transfer students cannot participate in the student employment program until they begin their courses of study. Likewise, incoming graduate students enrolled in prerequisites are not eligible to participate in student employment until they begin their graduate courses of study.

Incoming freshmen and transfer students who wish to work on campus are required to attend the Student Employment Orientation session given during orientation week by the student employment coordinator. After this session, incoming freshmen and transfers may complete the necessary paperwork to apply for a student employment position.

Ineligible Students 

Students are not eligible for Student Employment if:

  • They are enrolled in adult degree or certificate programs.
  • They have graduated from the College.
  • They are on leave of absence from the College.
  • They have withdrawn from the College.
  • They have been administratively withdrawn from the College.

Such individuals must end any student employment position as soon as they become ineligible.