Office of Student Employment

Apply for a Job

The Office of Student Employment allows Emerson students to search and apply to a variety of jobs on campus in a manageable way.

To apply for a Federal Work Study or Emerson Employment job, please visit PeopleAdmin where you will have access to all available job postings, descriptions, requirements, and pay scale, as well as a link to the application. 

Please visit PeopleAdmin and select Student for Position Type. Once you have determined a job in which to apply for, please follow these quick step to submit your application:

  1. Click on 'Apply for this Job'
  2. To Apply without Vitae, click on 'Create an Account'
  3. Input your credentials; click Create
  4. Click 'Apply for this Job' and fill in all required fields - indicated with an asterisk (*)
  5. Complete application and click 'Certify and Submit'
  6. Lastly, check the box and input your initials to 'Submit Application'

Tips for the application process:

  • Apply for multiple positions.
  • Under Availability, list the blocks of time that you are available for each day of the week.
  • Make sure your references are appropriately professional. Do not use friends, parents, or relatives.
  • Under Class Schedule, list your class schedule for the current semester.
  • Double check spelling, grammar and contact information. Employers take applications very seriously. Do not state that you are applying for a position because you need the funds.
  • If you have not received a response after applying, we would encourage you to send a followup email.

Having Trouble Getting a Job?

You should begin applying for jobs as soon as you have access. Do not wait until you are on campus and settled in, or you may miss out on opportunities. Still, if you have trouble finding a position within the first two weeks of the semester, contact the Student Employment Coordinator for help and tips on job hunting strategies.