Art Silverman, '71

Senior Producer, NPR's All Things Considered

Art Silverman

Q.  What are you currently working on?

I am currently a senior producer at NPR’s All Things Considered. I’m doing research for a potential project to chronicle the history of the western U.S.-Mexican border.

Q.  Could you describe one person, experience, or series of events at Emerson that shifted the course of your career and that illustrates one of Emerson’s core attributes of creativity, collaboration, risk taking, and excellence?

It wasn’t just one person, but the mix of disciplines I encountered there. One stand-out, however, was the opportunity I had to intern with Vin Di Bona ’66 (executive producer, Vin Di Bona Productions). I did documentary work for a local TV station and got a taste for the professional world.

Q.  Is there an example of how a classmate aided you with your career?

Classmate Peter E. Parisi gave me a sense of the possibilities of radio and sound. Classmate Mike Zotzmann ’71 taught me the joys of madcap humor.

Q.  Are you professionally connected to other Emersonians?

Emersonian Patrick Murray ’93 works at NPR as a broadcast engineer; former NPR producer Hannah Misol was a delight to work alongside.

Q.  What’s the single most important piece of advice you’d like to give to Emerson students?

Play with others: Use the wide range of talent there is across disciplines.

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