School of Communication

Alumni Profiles

  • Rev. Suzan Johnson Cook

    Rev. Suzan Johnson Cook '76

    U.S. Ambassador-at-Large, International Religious Freedom, Former Emerson Trustee

    Stay focused and never lose your dream. Dreams don't have an expiration date.
  • Elspeth Cypher

    Elspeth Cypher '80

    Associate Justice, Massachusetts Appeals Court

    Participate in extracurricular activities, especially debate and forensics. They're instrumental in training you to think and speak, as well as preparing you academically for graduate school.
  • Shannon Kelley Felton

    Shannon Kelley Felton '10

    British Consulate General in Boston; Deputy Head of Politics, Press, and Public Affairs

    "It is essential in this job to know who’s who, and many of those people are Emersonians! We could have a coffee table book of impressive alumni."
  • Lisa Gregorian

    Lisa Gregorian '83, MA '86

    Chief Marketing Officer, Warner Bros. Television Group

    There's a lot of us in the business. You can't escape Emersonians.
  • Jonathan Hatch

    Jonathan Hatch MS '15

    Clinical Fellow, Children's Speech & Feeding Therapy, Inc.

    The importance of community to the Emerson CSD faculty was evident in the special clinical groups offered at the Robbins Speech, Language and Hearing Center.
  • Stephanie Hubbell

    Stephanie Hubbell MS '14

    Speech-language pathologist, Neighborhood Charter School

    It was important to me to jump into a fast-paced program that combined rigorous academics with hands-on experience from the onset.
  • Melissa Ly

    Melissa Ly BS'11, MS '13

    Speech-Language Pathologist, Pediatric Therapy Network

    My clinical placements during grad school were amazing, as each one taught me a different skill set and has shaped who I am as a clinician today. 
  • Veronica Montoya

    Veronica Montoya MS '13

    Bilingual school-based SLP and preschool assessor, Los Angeles Unified School District

    It's rewarding knowing that you're making a tangible, positive impact on the lives of many people since communication is a fundamental human right.
  • Joel Schwartzberg

    Joel Schwartzberg '90

    Director of Digital Strategy for Moyers & Company

    At Emerson, there are so many opportunities to produce; there's little excuse for sitting in your dorm room thinking, "Someday I'd like to..." Also, consider forensics - the training is invaluable. And eat breakfast regularly.
  • Raj Sharma

    Raj Sharma '83

    Managing Director of Investments/private wealth advisor, Merrill Lynch

    Be a continuous learning machine. The best thing you can do is add to your knowledge in several dimensions.

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