Waitlists for Closed Courses

How Waitlists Work

The automated registration waitlist system allows students on a waitlist to be notified via email when a seat opens up in the selected course. The first student gets an opportunity to register; then the second, and so on.

In the course listings, courses will show the number of waitlist seats with the capacity of the course.  Courses with waitlists will have 5 waitlist seats; all other courses will show 0. Only courses with available waitlist seats may use the waitlist function. Courses with waitlists may not be overenrolled.

Once a course with a waitlist is full, the next student to register will have the option to be placed on the waitlist. If a registered student drops the course, the open seat will be held for the first student on the waitlist.  The waitlisted student will be notified by email to register for the course.  You have 36 hours from the time the email is sent to go online to register for the course.  After that the seat goes to the next person on the list.

If you get on the waitlist for multiple sections of the same course, and succeed in getting the course you want, drop yourself from the other waitlists so others may have a chance at registering.

If you are on a waitlist, please check your email often.  Registration is available 24/7, so a seat could open at any time.

Joining a Waitlist

On the Add/Drop page, enter the CRN you wish to waitlist for and click Submit Changes.

Because the class is closed, you will get a Registration Add Errors message (the number next to “Waitlisted” will change according to the number of people on the waitlist).  If there are waitlist seats available, you may select Waitlist Status.  Then click Submit Changes.

Dropping From a Waitlist

You may drop off the waitlist at any time by choosing Drop on web from the Action dropdown list.

Viewing Waitlist Position

To view your waitlist position, log in to eCommon to view your Student Detail Schedule.

The Student Detail Schedule option can be found in two places:

  • At the bottom of the Add/Drop Classes page
  • At the bottom of the regular Class Schedule page