Midterm Grading

Visit eCommon and log in using your ECnet username and password.


Select the Faculty Tab.

Your course name(s) now appear in the menu.

To select a course, click the small green triangle to the left of your course, even if you do not have grades to report for this class.


Note: the next time you log in to eCommon after submitting midterm grades, the green triangle will change to a yellow triangle, indicating you have not entered a grade for every student.  If you have completed your submissions, disregard this status.  If you wish to add new grades or make changes, click the triangle.


Look for the Faculty Grade Assignment menu. Click the drop down arrow and select Midterm Grades, then click Go.

Each student registered for the class you selected will be listed.

  • If you do not have grades to report for this class, click at the top of the page to report this class, including the specific course number and section in the email. Return to eCommon to process grades for any remaining courses.

No Midterm Grades

  • If you do have grades to report for this class, enter midterm grades only for students who have grades below a C or who never attended your class (assign non-attendees an NF). You will not be able to enter any other grades. Click the drop-down arrow to select the appropriate grade for each student. DO NOT enter attendance information.

midterm grading screenshot

  • Once you have completed your entries, click Submit.

Note: This page times out after 20 minutes. If you have not submitted your grade entries within 20 minutes, you will lose your work and will have to start over. You may submit multiple times during this 20 minutes.


  • Once you click Submit, a line will appear just above the words Mid Term Grades, stating that you have submitted successfully.


  • When you are finished submitting grades for your class, return to the faculty tab by clicking Back to Faculty Tab and repeat this process for any remaining courses.


Note: you may make changes to grades you’ve submitted as many times as you like while midterm grading is in session.