Final Grading

Accessing the System

  • Visit eCommon and log in using your ECnet username and password.
  • Select the Faculty Tab.
  • Look for the Faculty Grade Assignment menu. Click the drop down arrow and select Final Grades, then choose Go.
  • A list of courses eligible for grading will appear under "Faculty Grade Assignment." Note: if you don't see all your courses, click More in the bottom right corner of the menu to access a full list.


Note: Do not click on the course titles to select a course to grade.  View the Selecting Courses section for instructions.

Selecting Courses

To select a class to grade, click the small green triangle to the right of your course. Note: Graduate Master’s Projects/Theses and Continuing Student Status courses are not gradable. The Registrar processes these courses.


The next time you log in to eCommon, the triangle on the Faculty Grade Assignment channel will change for courses you’ve graded or begun to grade.

If you've entered grades for some but not all students in the class, the triangle will be yellow. Click on the yellow triangle to select the course.


If you've entered all grades for the course, you will see a check instead of a triangle. You may still make changes to those grades during the final grading session by clicking the “all grades entered” check box.


Entering Grades

Each student in your class is listed.

  • Click the drop-down arrow to select the appropriate grade for each student.
  • If you enter a grade of "F" you must enter the student's last date of attendance.
  • If you are entering any Incomplete grades, enter them as usual, but please see the Entering Incomplete Grades section of these instructions for additional information.

  • When you have completed your entries, click Submit.

Note: This page times out after 20 minutes. Click Submit frequently during this time to save your work as you go. You may make changes to grades you’ve submitted as many times as you like while final grading is open.


  • Once you click Submit, a line will appear just above the words Final Grades, stating that you have submitted successfully.


  • If you have neglected to enter a final date of attendance for any students with a grade of "F" you will receive an error to the right of each missing date.

  • When you are finished submitting grades for your class, return to the faculty tab by clicking Back to Faculty Tab.


  • Repeat this process for any remaining classes. 

Entering Incomplete Grades

  • Enter an "I" grade on the grade entry page as usual (see the Entering Grades section for more information), then press submit.  You can do this one at a time, or you can enter grades for all students, including the "I" grade(s), and submit when you're done.
  • The Incomplete Final Grades page will appear. Confirm that the students in the list are correct. Note the Extension Date Constraint - after this date, any "I" grades will become an "I/F" (incomplete failing) grade.

    • If the students listed are correct, click Submit.
    • If the students listed are incorrect, click Cancel. You will return to the grade entry page, and the "I" grades will have been removed so you can enter a different grade.
    • Ignore the Reset button.  You cannot reset grades on this page.

  • After your incomplete grades have been submitted, you will return to the grade entry page and see a note confirming all the grades were successfully entered.