Fall 2014 Academic Calendar

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AUGUST 1 Tuition, room, board and fee payments due for Fall 2014
23 New Undergraduate International Student residence hall move-in and Orientation
24 International Student Parent Orientation
25-26 New Undergraduate residence hall move-in
26 Parent Orientation
27 New International Graduate Student Orientation

New Undergraduate Orientation continues
28 New Graduate Student Orientation
31 Residence halls open for returning students
SEPTEMBER 1 Residence halls open for returning students
1 Labor Day (no classes)
2 Last day to withdraw from the College for Fall 2014 with a full refund—a withdrawal/leave of absence form must be filed by this date with the Office of Student Success, 80 Boylston St.
3 First Day of Classes
9 Last day to add a class without instructor permission
10 Instructor permission required to add any class
16 Last day to add or drop classes for Fall 2014

Last day to file an Application to Graduate for students wishing to graduate in December 2014
17 Course Withdrawal period begins (no tuition refund)—deadline is November 21, 2014
OCTOBER 13 Columbus Day (no classes)
17-19 Family Weekend 2014
20 First Seven-Week Session ends
21 Second Seven-Week Session begins
24 Midterm grades (below C only) for undergraduate students due online by 12:00 noon ET
NOVEMBER 3 Advising for Spring 2015 registration begins
11 Veterans Day (no classes)
17 Spring 2015 registration begins
21 Master’s Theses/Projects due to Committee Chairs for approval for December 2014 degree candidates.

Last day to withdraw from a Fall 2014 class.

Last day to withdraw from the College for Fall 2014; must file the appropriate paperwork by 5:00 pm.
25 Classes end at 9:45 pm for Thanksgiving break
26 Residence halls close at 12:00 noon
26-29 Thanksgiving Break (no classes)
30 Residence halls open at 12:00 noon
DECEMBER 6 (Saturday) Makeup day**
9 Last day of regular instruction

Last day for graduate students to submit Master’s Theses/Projects to Graduate Studies Office for December 2014 degree candidates
10 Reading day
11-16 Final Examinations (Thursday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday)
16 Last day of Fall 2014

Last day to submit Spring 2015 directed study proposals to Department Chairs
17 Residence halls close at 12:00 noon
19 Fall 2014 grades due online by 12:00 noon ET

Last day incomplete grades from Spring 2014 and Summer 2014 can be changed; incomplete grades not changed become I/F (incomplete failing)

** Additional Saturdays may be used for makeup days at the College’s discretion. If the College closes due to inclement weather, the College may use a Saturday to make up the day, and will notify the Emerson community in that event.

To make a classroom reservation for an individual class on a makeup day, please email

Policy of Emerson College Pertaining to Religious Observance:
Students who are unable, because of religious beliefs, to attend class or participate in any examination, study or class-related activity on a particular day should contact their instructors ahead of time to facilitate their absence without prejudice.