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The Art and Business of Makeup - Summer 2016

Students use a variety of products to achieve different looks.

This three-course professional program is designed to train those interested in entering the field of makeup artistry through immersion in a week of intensive classroom study and practice. Taught by Bobbi Brown’s top artists, each course covers basic and advanced makeup techniques as well as the business skills necessary to build a successful career in makeup artistry.

Programs of instruction vary based on course level and focus. The courses are designed to be taken sequentially, but may be taken independently of each other with the approval of the program director.

Schedule and Course Descriptions

Level I: The Fundamentals of Makeup Artistry (CE0447-01)
Monday–Friday, June 13–17, 2016
10:00 am–6:00 pm
Nonmatriculated course fee: $1,800 per person*

Students will learn the fundamentals of makeup, including techniques for makeup for photography. Through lessons, demonstrations, and practical application, students will learn about angles, lighting, types of film, and other specific goals of the photographer. This course begins with an introduction to the Bobbi Brown beauty philosophy and details of the 10-step makeup application. It culminates with a "before and after" photo shoot by a professional photographer.

Level II: Advanced Makeup Artistry (CE047-02)

Monday–Friday, July 11–15, 2016
10:00 am–6:00 pm
Nonmatriculated course fee: $1,800 per person*

This course continues the student's training in makeup artistry for the fashion world and makeup for different mediums. Class sessions will focus on the principles of makeup application for runway, print photography, television, and film. The course begins with a review of Bobbi Brown's basic 10-step makeup application techniques, with an emphasis on creating the perfect canvas for more advanced makeup looks.

Level III: The Business of Makeup Artistry (CE0447-03)

Monday–Friday, August 8–12, 2016
10:00 am–6:00 pm
Nonmatriculated course fee: $1,800 per person*

This course addresses the necessary steps to market oneself successfully. Successful makeup artists are talented, confident, charismatic, and effective entrepreneurs. Classes include a mix of text discussion and hands-on application and will cover breaking into the business, writing a business plan, creating a portfolio, starting a website, and networking.

*Emerson matriculated (degree-seeking) students, please contact Professional Studies for course fee and credit information.

Non-degree students: The courses may be taken out of sequence. Completion of the series does not lead to either a degree or a certificate.


We will begin accepting registrations in January 2016.

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  • If you register prior to May 12, 2016, our office must receive your payment in full by May 12, 2016 or your course registration will be cancelled.
  • If you register after May 12, 2016, our office must receive your payment within 48 hours after receiving notification that your registration has been processed, or your registration will be cancelled.

Refund Policy

Requests to withdraw from a workshop may be made any time prior to the day of the workshop. Requests must be communicated by email, fax, or in person to the Department of Professional Studies and Special Programs. If you withdraw prior to 48 hours before the start of each workshop, you will receive a 100% refund. There will be no refunds for withdrawal requests received after the deadline.

Enrollment in Makeup Artistry professional courses is open to individuals who have earned a high school diploma or GED. Emerson College reserves the right to change any provision of its programs, courses and workshops at any time. The College specifically reserves the right to change its tuition rates and any other financial charges. The College also reserves the right to rearrange its courses and class hours, to drop courses for which registration falls below the minimum enrollment, to change instructor assignments, to change the method of instruction of courses or programs, to cancel or discontinue a certificate program at any time, or to substitute courses in a certificate program. Enrollment and attendance in courses offered by Professional Studies is separate from admission to degree programs at Emerson College.