Leave of Absence Policy

The Leave of Absence policy allows undergraduate students to take a leave from Emerson for a period of up to two years. During this two-year period, undergraduate students may be readmitted to the College through the Academic Advising Center, without having to reapply through the Office of Undergraduate Admission. Graduate student leaves are granted for one year, and students must submit a request to re-register before they plan to return.

Students may take a Leave of Absence for the following reasons:

  • health issues
  • financial difficulties
  • familial obligations
  • personal issues

To take a Leave of Absence, students must report to the Office of Student Success (80 Boylston Street, First Floor) to fill out the appropriate paperwork. Resident students who take a leave are required to vacate student housing immediately. Students who have taken a Leave of Absence are not eligible to participate in varsity or intramural athletics, student clubs or any Emerson-sponsored activity or organization.

Students considering taking a leave of absence should talk with an academic advisor or graduate program director about their options, the process of taking a Leave of Absence, and the procedure and timeline of applying for readmission.

Students taking leaves will not be granted a corresponding extension of time available to finish their degrees.

For more information: Lynn Butkovsky