IT Mass E-Mail Policy

Staff, faculty and students at Emerson College may not send mass emails on Emerson's network unless they have prior express written permission from either IT or a person authorized by the College under this policy authorizing them to send out such messages. This helps prevent abusive, excessive, irrelevant, or spam messages being sent to large groups.

Emerson maintains a number of dynamically populated group distribution email lists, such as for all active faculty, for all active staff, and for all active students. Additional group distribution lists are also maintained by the college as a means of contacting departmental groups or subsets of a larger community population, such as or However, members of the Emerson community are not authorized to send any messages to such group distribution email lists unless they have written permission to do so, pursuant to this Policy.

Department heads have both authority and discretion to grant or deny permission to send messages to any group list affecting that Department. Permission to send any such group email on Emerson's network must be documented (either in email or a service ticket) and submitted as a request to IT. After IT has granted permission, the Emerson student or staff/faculty member will be able to successfully send his/her message.

The Dean of Students should be contacted for permission to send a group message to all students, or any subset of students for which the College maintains a dynamic group email list.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs/Chief Academic Officer should be contacted for permission to send group messages to faculty.

The AVP of Human Resources should be contacted for permission to send any group messages to staff.

Department Heads/Chairs should be contacted for permission to send group messages to specific department groups, such as "VMA Freshmen" or "Journalism Faculty."

Heads of departments may also request that IT create new or modify existing email addresses with details on who in his/her department and who should have which permissions (send/receive/view). Emerson IT reserves the right to deny email requests based on address redundancy, security concerns, or bad technical practices.

IP/Host Whitelisting

To ensure that surveys, checks, or other mass emails be sent successfully to Emerson email addresses, outside mail senders sometimes request being explicitly exempt from our anti-spam filter (known as being "whitelisted").

If an external email sender requests being whitelisted, it must be submitted as a ticket to IT by a member of Emerson College with the following information:

  • Length of time sender requests to be whitelisted.
  • IP(s) or hostname(s) to be whitelisted.

Emerson IT reserves the right to deny any whitelist request based on security concerns or bad technical practices.

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