Police Department

Staying Informed

Crime Log

The Police Department maintains a daily log, recording the nature, date, time, and general location of all reported crimes. All entries are open to public inspection during business hours, except where disclosure of such information is prohibited by law or would jeopardize the confidentiality of the victim's ongoing investigation or the safety of an individual.

Clery Report

Emerson publishes an annual campus security report for each of its three campuses (Boston, Los Angeles, and Kasteel Well, Netherlands), in compliance with the Clery Act. View the reports for each campus.

Fire Log

The Police Department maintains a written fire log by date and fire-related event/alarm. The log includes the nature, date, time, and location of each fire-related event/alarm and is available to the public.

School Closings Policy

Delayed Opening. The official opening time for the College is 8:00 am. A delayed opening means the College will open at 10:00 am. If the College announces a delayed opening, all first-shift employees (other than those designated as “essential” personnel) should report to work at 10:00 am. If your regular start time is different than the College’s official opening time of 8:00 am, report to work at 10:00 am or at your regular start time, whichever is later.

Classes scheduled with a start time before 10:00 am are canceled by a delayed opening and must be made up at a later date. The College will resume its regular academic schedule beginning at 10:00 am if there has been a delayed opening.

Campus Is Closed. The College will announce canceled classes by 6:00 am for day classes and by 3:00 pm for evening classes. An announcement canceling classes cancels both classes and work, unless otherwise indicated.

If your supervisor has designated your position as “essential” personnel, report at your regularly scheduled time. Non-exempt (overtime eligible) employees who are essential personnel will receive premium pay (1.5) for each hour, or portion of an hour worked while the College is closed. For example, a non-exempt employee who reports at 8:00 am on a delayed closing day will receive premium pay for the hours from 8:00 to 10:00 am (when the College opens), and normal pay thereafter. Exempt, salaried employees who are essential personnel are expected to report for duty as part of their jobs, and do not receive extra compensation for doing so.

The College informs faculty, students, and staff whether Emerson must close, or delay opening, due to severe weather conditions or an emergency through announcements on:

Web: emerson.edu homepage
Phone: 617-824-8500, select option "2"
Radio: WRKO 680 AM
WBZ 1030 AM  
WERS 88.9 FM
Television: WBZ Channel 4
WCVB Channel 5
WHDH Channel 7
WFXT Channel 25