Police Department

Taxi Rides

Pay for a taxi with ECcash

Find out how to pay for a taxi ride using your Emerson ID.

The Emerson Police Department offers several options for students to pay for taxi rides.

Pay With ECcash

Use Your ECCash card with the following cab companies:

Learn More about your ECCash card.

Don't have cash? Forgot your debit card in your dorm room? That's okay. Just swipe your student ID and pay.

Touch screen option: All you need to do is hit the "Student ID" option and select Emerson from the list of icons. Pay as you would with a credit card.

Pay With Vouchers

Emerson College has a contract with a local taxi service that provides a voucher program. If you know you will be out after dark and would prefer to come back to campus by taxi rather than public transport, you may sign out a voucher at the EC Police Department Office. The cost will be billed to your student account.

For this option, please call the number listed in the voucher only, as other taxi companies will not honor the voucher. The taxi cab response time will depend on weather conditions, time of day/night, and/or day of the week.