Police Department

Police Services


The Emerson College Police Department (ECPD) provides students with Emerson ID cards.

The Emerson Police Department provides the following services:

Escort Services

Upon request, the ECPD will provide an on-campus walking safety escort for Emerson students and employees to all Emerson College buildings or to the T station (Green Line) at the corner of Tremont and Boylston streets.

Request an escort by reporting to the security desks in the lobbies of the following Emerson buildings:

  • 80 Boylston St. (Little Building)
  • 100 Boylston St. (Colonial Building)
  • 120 Boylston St. (Walker Building)
  • 150 Boylston St. (Piano Row)
  • 10 Boylston Place (Tufte PPC)
  • 180 Tremont St. (Ansin Building)
  • 216 Tremont St.
  • 555 Washington St. (Paramount Center)

Lost and Found

Come to the EC Police Department Office to inquire about lost items and drop off found items. We will log them into the campus Lost and Found system.