Department of Performing Arts


Dance Minor

This minor requires 16 credits of coursework that combines dance theory, dance technique, and experience in the creative process within the discipline.

Required Courses

DA 203 Perspectives in World Dance
DA 231 Dance Composition I: Improvisation
Dance Technique (four 2-credit courses)

Music History and Culture Minor

The required core course is MU 137, Listening to Music. The remaining 12 credits are chosen from the following courses:

IN 303 Poetry and Song
MU 137 Listening to Music
MU 201 History of Music: European
MU 202 History of Music: American
MU 203 Perspectives in World Music
MU 204 & MU 205 Music Analysis I & II
MU 220 History of American Popular Music 
MU 233 History of Opera
MU 239 History of Jazz
MU 256 Deconstructing Twentieth-Century Art Music
MU 257 The Musical Premiere: Beauty and the Artist
MU 313 Topics in Music History and Culture
TH 304 Development of the American Musical
VM 452 Art of Noise

Students may use one course from the Liberal Arts requirements towards the Music History and Culture minor.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts

At Emerson, Performing Arts students join one of the most influential theater degree programs in the country. With state-of-the-art facilities and a variety of stages, Emerson offers endless opportunities to gain experience in acting, directing, stage management, lighting, stage design, or costume design.


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