Department of Performing Arts

Performance and Production Spaces

Emerson College owns more performance space than any other institution in Boston.

The performance and production spaces utilized by the Department of Performing Arts include the recently renovated Paramount Center, the Cutler Majestic Theatre, and the Tufte Performance and Production Center:

Cutler Majestic Theatre

Emerson’s largest theater seats nearly 1,200 and is beautifully appointed in the beaux-arts style. The Culter Majestic Theatre is a Broadway-style proscenium stage theater and was built in 1903.

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Cutler Majestic Theatre. Photo by Paul Marotta.

Paramount Mainstage

Originally a movie palace, the Paramount first opened in 1932. It was renovated by Emerson College to include two performance venues among many other features. The new Paramount Center honors the glory of the original art deco designs within the building. The largest performance venue, the Paramount Mainstage, seats 590.

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Paramount Mainstage at the Paramount Center. Photo by Peter Vanderwarker.

Jackie Liebergott Black Box Theater

The Paramount Center also includes the Jackie Liebergott Black Box Theater, named for Emerson’s 11th president. The Black Box allows for more flexibility than a traditional theater space and provides for a wide array of staging and design options.

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Jackie Liebergott Black Box Theater at the Paramount Center. Photo by Peter Vanderwarker.

Semel Theater

The Semel Theater, located in the Tufte Performance and Production Center (PPC) is a thrust stage with seating for 216. If features a tension-wire grid overhead and a trapped stage underfoot.

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The Grapes of Wrath (Emerson Stage, 2012) in the Semel Theater. Photo by Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo.
Greene Theater

The Greene Theater, located in the Tufte PPC, is an end-stage theater seating 108.

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Final dress rehearsal for Tartuffe (Emerson Stage, 2012) in the Greene Theater. Photo by Tyler L. York.
Design and Technology Studio

The primary classroom, laboratory, and meeting place for Theatre Design/Technology students is located in the Tufte PPC. The main studio includes a drafting and rendering area, CAD lab, sound station, and craft space. Additionally, a 400-square foot light lab sits adjacent to the main studio for lighting design instruction and the testing of designs.

Theatre Design and Technology students engage in classwork and production assignments in the large open studio.  

Scene Shop

The scene shop is housed in the Paramount Center and includes instruction and work space for scenic construction, prop constuction and stagecraft, and scenic painting. 

Students learn and work on scenery, props, and scenic painiting in the scene shop.
Costume Shop

The costume shop is located in the Tufte PPC and boasts more than 10,000 costume pieces. The shop is fully equipped for the training of costume designers and craftspeople. The space includes three cutting tables, eight domestic and four industrial sewing machines, an industrial leather machine, two industrial sergers, and an ironing station. There is a seperate fitting room for actors, a dye and craft room, and a large room for costume storage.

Students learn and work in the costume shop. Photo by Aja Neahring.

Bobbi Brown  and Steven Plofker Design Technology and Makeup Suite

The Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker Design Technology and Makeup Suite is located in the Tufte PPC and includes instruction space for makeup courses and two large dressing rooms.

Students learn to mix and apply makeup.

Rehearsal Studios and Practice Rooms

Nine rehearsal studios are located in the Paramount Center. The studios are used as class and rehearsal space. An additional five practice rooms equipped with pianos are located near the rehearsal studios.

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Students rehearse for a dance concert in the Paramount rehearsal studios.

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Performing Arts

Performing Arts

At Emerson, Performing Arts students join one of the most influential theater degree programs in the country. With state-of-the-art facilities and a variety of stages, Emerson offers endless opportunities to gain experience in acting, directing, stage management, lighting, stage design, or costume design.


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