Department of Performing Arts

Meet Robert Colby

Bob Colby not only teaches his students how to be theater educators, but he also represents the kind of educator his students want to be.

After studying theater in college, Colby first worked professionally and then became an artist-in-residence at a high school. "Working with those students, I had a number of profoundly moving experiences. I discovered that theater could change lives."

Changing Lives

His work since has revolved around this potential. As a director, Colby is drawn to drama with themes of social history and justice. As an educator, he strives to make the theater education program reach beyond schools to empower developing community groups through the vehicle of theater.

In acknowledgment of his efforts, Colby received the 2003 Lin Wright Special Recognition Award from the American Alliance for Theatre Education from the New England Theatre Conference. Deeply influenced by graduate school faculty mentors, Colby is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and to ensuring his students' success. 

“The students who graduate from our program are valuable, ready to step right in and do the work.”

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