Theatre Education Curriculum

Whatever path you choose, our curriculum considers the art of teaching and the teaching of art. Offering two streams of study for students, the Theatre Education program allows you to explore yourself as both an artist and an educator.

We help you prepare for a successful career by offering areas of emphasis in Theatre Teacher Education as well as Theatre and Community. At Emerson, we delve into teaching techniques and approaches that create vital experiential learning environments.

Track 1: Theatre Teacher Education

Through the Theatre Teacher Education stream, you will be given the tools and the know-how to teach drama to children pre-K through grade 12 in public and private school settings.

For those interested in pursuing a career in public school teaching, Theatre Education students can earn an initial Massachusetts teaching license (all levels) as a Teacher of Theatre in our Department of Elementary and Secondary Education–approved program.

Track 2: Theatre & Community

As a teaching artist and community advocate, you will explore the uses of theater in a variety of community settings such as community theater, recreation and arts centers, museums, professional theater for young audiences, or in education outreach for a professional theater. In the Theatre and Community stream, you may also focus on theater as a catalyst for social change.  

Internships & Practical Experience

As you form relationships with professors and peers and delve into your chosen coursework, you will be given the opportunity to cultivate your talent outside of Emerson as well.

Boston is a dynamic center for the arts, with several renowned museums and cultural organizations around the city, providing ample opportunity for experience in the community. Emerson is surrounded by nearly a half-dozen theaters, and Broadway productions make regular stops on their way to and from New York. These theaters, in addition to surrounding schools, museums, and cultural institutions, provide many excellent opportunities for internships and practice.

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