Emerson Stage

Anything to Declare

Translated and adapted by Greg Leaming

From the play by Maurice Hennequin & Pierre Veber
Directed by Benny Sato Ambush

Paris, 1912. The well-to-do Dupont family is thrilled that their naïve young daughter has wed a wealthy count—until they learn that the marriage has yet to be consummated (it’s been more than a month!). Given mere days to provide his incensed mother-in-law with the promise of a titled grandson, the Count is desperate—in more ways than one! In classic farcical style, and accompanied by a colorful cast of characters, the clock ticks down, doors slam, identities are mistaken, and all hell breaks loose as the race to consummate the marriage catapults the action to…well, a climax!


Greene Theater (Directions)
October 2–5, 2014

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The Cast

Benjamin Dupont Elliot Masters
Adelaide Dupont Shanie Schwartzman
Lise Dupont Samantha Buntich
Paulette de Trivelin Emma Stephenson
Robert de Trivelin Reyn Beeler
Phillipe Couzan Blake Vesey
La Baule Jake Prizant
Gontran Devin Cortez
Ernestine Allison Gilman
Frontignac Pablo Milla
Mademoiselle Zeze Josephine Elwood
Francois Mark Wolf Roberts
Mariette Dani Berkowitz
Policeman Ryan Juda

The Creative Team

Director Benny Sato Ambush
Scenic Designer Samuel Vawter
Costume Designer Rachel Ross-Sullivan
Lighting Designer Cameron Mostoufi
Sound Designer Tayor Ness
Props Master Daylee Reichenbach
Dramaturg Hanife Schulte
Stage Manager Emily Scott Simpson
Asst. Director Devin Fletcher
Asst. LD Jeremy Stein
Scenic Artist Junior Johnson
Wardrobe Supervisor Brian Choinski
1st ASM Ashley Welp
2nd ASM Emily Cuerdon
Production Supervisor Esther McFaden
Asst. PS Jessica Kemp
Company Manager Charlotte Knoerl-Morrill
Master Electrician Colin Landeck
Asst. ME Maddison Young
Prod. Sound Engineer Taylor Ness