Department of Performing Arts

Alumni Profiles

  • Joseph Leo Bwarie

    Joseph Leo Bwarie '99

    Actor and singer

    Work hard. When you are responsible, respectful, and work hard, other people want to work with you. Dreams can come true, but they don't just happen. You have to do everything in your capable hands to make it happen.
  • Bonnie Comley

    Bonnie Comley MA '94

    Broadway producer, actor, writer, and Tony Award–winner

    Emerson is a great place to experiment and make mistakes. In fact, sometimes the mistake is better than the original plan!
  • Betsy Morgan

    Betsy Morgan '03

    Broadway actor

    "Stay weird! At Emerson, I learned to be my crazy, high energy, unique self, and the more I stay true to that person, the more interesting I am in an audition room and hopefully onstage."
  • Henry Winkler

    Henry Winkler '67

    Actor, author

    What you put in is what you get out. The enthusiasm you bring with you to the campus will pay you back with knowledge, pride, professionalism, and reputation.