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Haley family

Mike and Bonnie Haley with their children, Kyle and Matt.

Bonnie and Mike Haley served as East Coast Co-Chairs of the Parents Leadership Council for 2013-2014. Their son, Kyle ‘14, is a Visual Media Arts graduate. Kyle’s twin brother Matthew studied Food Science at Framingham State University.

Since Kyle’s freshman year at Emerson College, Bonnie and Mike have been involved in Emerson’s Parents Leadership Council (PLC). As far back as pre-school, they have been involved and connected with their sons’ education. They see the PLC as a unique college experience for Emerson families. It has allowed them to meet and connect with other Emerson families, to share and to give back to Emerson College in multiple ways. Through social media and direct interaction with Emerson’s PLC staff, parents connect and support one another during a time that may be overwhelming for them—when their child leaves for college.

Bonnie and Mike currently live in Westford, Massachusetts.

Bonnie Haley, P'14

When and why did you join the Parents Leadership Council?

We joined the PLC immediately at Kyle’s freshman year orientation in 2010. To our family, community involvement is important and we’ve been volunteering since preschool. Being involved throughout their education has given our family a connection to truly understand and support our children’s day-to-day experiences.

What was the most rewarding aspect of joining the PLC?

Getting to know other Emerson families from around the country and share common family values was most rewarding. A secondary and unexpected aspect was also getting to meet and understand Emerson administration and leadership.>

How else does the PLC support Emerson College students?

Besides all the known things that PLC does, college is the first major separation from home for most students, and the PLC helps Emerson students keep a connection to their parents. PLC is like providing a comforting and safe blanket to Emerson students!

Why should other parents get involved with the PLC?

PLC connects parents to parents, parents to students, parents to administration, alumni to parents, alumni to students, and students to students. Did I forget anyone? PLC is the super highway of Emerson College. It’s a fabulous experience.