Parent Programs


Jane Nunes and Frank Campolo: parents of VMA graduates

Jane Nunes P '07 & '10 with her sons and husband Frank Campolo P '07 & '10. 

Jane Nunes and Frank Campolo are the parents of VMA graduates, Nick ’07 and Jon ’10, who both majored in new media and minored in photography.  They are now working in Brooklyn and New York.

Jane and Frank were members of the Parents Leadership Council (PLC) for five years and served as co-chairs from 2007 to 2009. Jane also represented parents as a member of the Student Affairs Committee in 2010.

Jane has been a service provider, sign language interpreter trainer, secondary and postsecondary administrator, consultant and volunteer for more than 30 years. She currently works as an consultant.

Frank is the VP in sales with Agero.

Jane and Frank live in Hampton, NH.

Why did you join the Parent Leadership Council?

We worked on several volunteer committees at the K-12 schools our sons attended, so when they both ended up at the same college, we thought we might be able to help Emerson as emissaries for Admissions. My oldest was the only student from his high school ever to attend Emerson, so we didn't have any idea what to expect! Once we attended our first meeting, we realized that we really could make a positive impact without interfering with either son's postsecondary experience. At the end of our Emerson tenure, we had our own Emerson friendships which were formed by working toward common goals with administration, staff, students and other parents.

What was the most rewarding aspect of joining the PLC?

During our term as co-chairs of the PLC, we joined the College's efforts to raise scholarship funds to improve diversity on campus. We had the opportunity to meet several recipients during this period and were always impressed by the caliber of their talent and how appreciative they were of the investment Emerson was making in their future.

Over your four years participating with the PLC, you were able to support a $10,000 scholarship. Why did you choose to fund a scholarship?

Neither of us would have made it through our undergraduate or graduate level degrees without the support of grants and scholarships. We are both first generation college graduates and as such believed that we were ready to support the next generation out of appreciation for the opportunities we were given. Emerson has made such a profound impact on our sons that we decided the scholarship was our way of honoring those who supported our education.

How else does the PLC support Emerson College students?

The PLC provides opportunities for parents to engage with Emerson to support the institution with time, talent or financial support. We have made Welcome Calls, hosted receptions for new Emerson families, spoken with students considering our professions, presented on parent panels during Admissions events and have made peer to peer calls to support the College's fundraising goals. Most importantly, we have made meaningful connections with scores of Emerson families from across the country who we wouldn't have met otherwise!

Why should other parents get involved with the PLC?

The PLC provides unique opportunities for parents to engage with the Emerson community in ways which do not interfere with their student's college experience. Every parent can make a meaningful contribution by sharing their time, experience or talent. Our lives have been enriched by this volunteer experience!