Jane Nunes P '07 & '10 with her sons and husband Frank Campolo P '07 & '10. 

An inside look at giving to scholarship from Jane Nunes and Frank Campolo who supported a $10,000 scholarship at Emerson College.  

Neither of us would have made it through our undergraduate or graduate level degrees without the support of scholarships. We’re both first generation college graduates, and we were ready to support the next generation out of appreciation for the opportunities we were given. Emerson had such a profound impact on our sons. The scholarship was our way of honoring those who supported our education.

David Zizik P'10 and Karen Baker P'10 with their sons, Andrew '10 and Michael. 

Why give to scholarship?

A university education costs more than tuition provides. We wanted to do something to give back and hopefully make a difference in the life of a creative student at Emerson by contributing to the Parents Annual Fund Scholarship Campaign. It is gratifying to know that by helping to provide for scholarships at Emerson College, you can open doors for students that will hopefully offer opportunities that change their lives.