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Emissaries Program

Becoming An Emissary

The Emissaries program is a network of Emerson College graduates, parents, and friends, like you, who volunteer their time and knowledge in support of the College’s admission and recruitment efforts. Your involvement as an Emissary will allow you to connect with prospective students from all over the world. Emissaries can help in many ways, and at any level of commitment convenient to them, including:

  • The Admission staff gets invited to college fairs across the country (and beyond). We receive so many invitations (more than 900 last year) that it is impossible for us to attend each one. With the help of our Emissaries, Emerson can be represented at many more of these programs and reach a wider breadth of prospective students!
  • During the fall, the Admission Office conducts information sessions in select cities across the country. Emissaries attend to help check in guests, answer questions, and share their Emerson experiences as a student, graduate, or parent.
  • During April and May, the Admission Office coordinates with Emissaries to host several regional receptions for accepted undergraduate students. Local Emissaries are also invited and everyone shares in the celebration of being admitted.
  • Emissaries can answer questions posed by prospective and admitted students and their families by e-mail or over the phone – a great way to be involved remotely!
  • A personal touch can go a long way when it comes to getting the best and brightest students to commit to Emerson College. Emissaries may be invited to reach out to targeted students and contribute their congratulations and advice.
  • Other items as needed.
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