Frank and Pat Diaz P'13 with their son Daniel '13. 

Frank and Pat Diaz P'13 reside in Chicago with their kids Elisabeth, Daniel ‘13, and Michael. Daniel has been a member of the Cross Country Team all four years at Emerson and is currently the captain. He is preparing to run the Boston Marathon on April 15.


Devoting time to the student’s sport will be the biggest challenge. The student needs to make sure they understand the time commitments. Time management becomes very important. Most students also have a part-time job and need to consider time needed for competing and training when they are looking at their available time to work. It’s best to be up front with potential employers, and let them know about the student’s sport as this will avoid a lot of frustration after the athlete is hired. Most employers are willing to be flexible with the athlete’s work hours.  
Having a sense of belonging and feeling connected to Emerson can be the most rewarding experience. The experience can be especially helpful for new students who are feeling a little lost. Team sports help students meet new friends with similar interests that they can bond with and hopefully make friends for life.  
Athletes must meet NCAA compliance before participating, and there is a minimum GPA requirement of 2.0. Please make sure to seek guidance from an academic advisor or the Athletics Department if there are any questions. 
Providing Support
Because of our distance, we were unable to fly in for meets, but our athlete knew we were there in spirit. Obtain a schedule of events from the Athletics Department or from your student and send texts before the competition. Be there afterward even by phone to congratulate or console. Have your student send pictures that you can text and email to family members to get everyone involved in supporting your athlete.
Additional Considerations
Make sure to speak to the team coach to obtain a training schedule. Our student athlete was allowed to move in prior to scheduled move-in dates for the masses due to training starting before those dates. Make sure to check with the team coach.
Best of all, remind your student to have fun and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience!

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