Paramount Mainstage

House Rules

Timeline of Due Dates

  • Put Tickets into Inventory—Coordinate with Ticketing Manager.
  • Client Summit—5-6 weeks out. EC and Client teams discuss plans.
  • Insurance Certificate Due—3 weeks before load-in.
  • Marquee Design Form—due 3 weeks out.
  • Open Dress Rehearsal Requests— due to Director of Production 3 weeks out.
  • Public Reception Requests—due to Director of Production 2 weeks before load-in.
  • Production Schedule—due to Technical Director 10 business days before load-in.
  • Trucking Schedule—due to Technical Director 10 business days before load-in.
  • Smoke, Fog, Fire and other Special Effects (SFX) Requests—due to Technical Director 4 weeks before load-in.
  • Line Set Schedule—due to Technical Director 7 days before load-in.
  • Final Running Times—due to Ticketing Manager 7 days before opening.
  • Lobby Use Requests—due to Director of Production 2 weeks before load-in.
  • Final Deposits Due—due to Theatre Manager 7 days before load-in.
  • Stage Door Lists—due to Technical Director 1 day before load-in.
  • Boston Fire Permits for scenery and soft goods due to Technical Director at load-in.
  • Licensee Tech Representative Approve Time Sheets—Daily, by noon.
  • Merchandise Requests—due to Ticketing Manager 1 day before opening.
  • Photo and Recording Requests—due to Director of Production 1 week before opening.
  • Late Seating Times—due to Ticketing Manager 1 day before opening.
  • Press and Comp Ticket Requests—due to Ticketing Manager Noon day of show; Noon Friday for the weekend.
  • Settlement Paperwork is signed at or after intermission of last performance.
  • Settlement Check Due—Friday after play week of last performance, confirm specifics with the Theatre Manager.
  • Final Settlement Date—3 months after last performance.
  • Rehearsals must be arranged at least 24 hours in advance with Director of Production.
  • No deliveries or pick-ups before load-in or after load-out. There is NO storage space.
  • Reminder: The City of Boston requires Boston Fire Department permits for scenic drops, draperies, soft props, and special effects. The permit process may take two weeks. Submit your permit applications early. For questions, please call the Technical Director.

Paramount Operational Guidelines

  • 555 Washington Street used for Exit and Entry to the theater.
  • You MUST sign in/out at 555 Security desk. NO exceptions.
  • Meet guests by the 555 Washington Street entrance.
  • No food or drink in the house.
  • Do not put any belongings, gear, etc. in audience seats.
  • Keep aisles, stairs, signs, and all fire egress clear at all times.
  • Everyone in the audience must have a ticket.
  • No admittance to lobby and front-of-house without approval.
  • All tools and keys must be signed out in the Facility Tech office.
  • Lock all doors that you unlock.
  • No tape on any surface in the facility.
  • Blue painters tape only can be used in the back hall and dressing rooms.
  • No parking in loading dock. NO exceptions.
  • You must have all fire certificates and Boston permits for your soft goods and SFX.
  • 24-hour notice needed for building access schedule change.
  • No construction within the Paramount Theatre facility or in the loading dock.
  • No spray painting within the Paramount Theatre facility or loading dock.
  • Shows must provide own expendables (tie line, gaff tape, gel, etc.)
  • Follow all safety guidelines and instructions.
  • In-house training required prior to all use of theatrical systems.
  • All crews needing harnesses must go through Paramount harness training.
  • On-duty House Staff have final say about all matters in accordance with safety of both people and facility.
  • Client Representative with authority must be present at beginning of load-in through end of strike.
  • No smoking anywhere in facility.
  • Client is responsible for leaving the facility in the condition in which it was found.

Licensee Responsibilities: Backstage

A Representative is to be on duty backstage from each call time to the end of each call, who will:

  • Accept delivery and certify the condition of the Paramount before load-in;
  • Certify the condition (including damages) after load-out;
  • Make decisions on behalf of the client during all calls;
  • Specify facility access for every day;
  • Certify daily technical staff time sheets;
  • Generate comp lists and approve artist comp requests;
  • Submit artist comp list to Ticketing Manager by NOON day of show;
  • Assist your artists to achieve their needs within your budget.

If Backstage Licensee Rep is absent, the Technical Director on Duty or his representative, whose sole judgment will be final, assumes this role.

Licensee’s Production Manager is responsible for hiring, supervising, and payroll for all stage crews except Emerson College employees. The Technical Director on Duty may provide you with a contact list of local freelance technicians who are familiar with the Paramount facility.

4 hour minimums with 1/2 hour increments apply to Emerson College employees; you reimburse Emerson College ($) for all their calls. In accordance with applicable law, Licensee will be billed for overtime at 150% (time and a half) for the hours exceeding 40 in a Monday–Sunday work-week and overtime before 8:00 am and after 11:00 pm. Penalty time at 200% applies between midnight and 6:00 am if Technical Director chooses to allow work during those hours.

555 Security Desk Staff/Guest List

Please provide a list of all staff, artists, and production visitors at least 24 hours prior to your first crew call to the Technical Director for the use of the front desk Security
Staff. This should be complete and in alphabetical order by last name. Stage Door will admit only those people on the list. Any others will be required to wait until an
acceptable company representative can be found to approve admittance.

Rate Card

To obtain a current Rate Card, contact the Director of Production.

Licensee Responsibilities: Front of House

A Client Representative is to be on duty in the Lobby at every event, beginning 45 minutes before the house opens until lock-out. The Client Rep is specified in the Theatre License and must have full authority to:

  • Make customer decisions
  • Respond to artist-focused questions
  • Determine late seating policies
  • Confer on intermission decisions
  • Approve last minute complimentary tickets for artists and producers.

If Client Rep is absent, this role is assumed by the Theatre Manager on Duty, whose sole judgment will be final.

You may choose to set aside “Fixer” tickets for the House Supervisor. If you choose not to, all Customer Service Opportunities will be sent to the Licensee’s Representative.

Customer Service Opportunities occur in almost every performance. Examples include patrons who arrive on Saturday night with Friday night tickets, or patrons with limited mobility that purchased seats where steps are necessary. To address these, we require that the House Supervisor have Fixer tickets or that the Licensee Representative be available to the customer.

You will set aside tickets for:

  • Patrons in wheelchairs and their companions
  • ASL patrons when you have an interpreter
  • Emerson College House Seats ORCH G 101-106, K 110-113, as specified in the License Agreement
  • "Tech Kills," i.e., those seats obstructed or eliminated due to the needs of the show.

The Paramount has a standard set of holds and kills you may use when you set up the performances that addresses all these needs.

Event Ticketing Setup

The Paramount and its ticket sales outlets are the SOLE SOURCES FOR INDIVIDUAL TICKET SALES – by phone, Internet, in person, mail, fax, or any other method, as specified within our License Agreement.

ALL TICKETS ARE UNDER THE EXCLUSIVE CONTROL of the Office of the Arts Box Offices. We will charge customers an added processing fee and mailing fee to
all transactions to pay for the ticketing and mailing service ($) except those sold at walk-up.

You will pay an initial Set-up and Marketing Fee ($), a Printing Fee for each ticket printed ($), a Paramount Renovation Fee on all tickets sold, including those for your subscribers ($), and bank charges for tickets sold on credit cards ($).

When you advertise, please carry this information:

  • For tickets, call Telecharge at 1-800-233-3123 or
  • For LOGO files, contact the Theatre Manager.
  • You may include TTY 1-888/889-8587. If you wish to advertise another phone number for subscriptions, IDENTIFY IT AS "SUBSCRIPTIONS: (617) XXXXXXX," so patrons won't be confused when calling for service.

You may rack tickets as soon as your License Agreement is signed and deposit received. The ticket office staff will assist you in this process.

Paramount FOH Staff Duties and Billing

Theatre Manager on Duty/House Supervisor (MOD/HS) – present at all times that the Theatre is open to the public. This person is in charge of the building and responsible for everyone in it. The MOD/HS has final say on all building-related issues. 5 hours minimum shift, call time 2 hours before curtain.

House Staff ($) – the number and composition depends on expected audience size and will be determined by the Theatre Manager in coordination with the Ticketing Manager and Director of Production. They are Emerson College employees who act as safety personnel in case of emergency, manage lobby security and patron flow, tear tickets, count drop stubs, seat patrons, and distribute programs.

Full staff:

  • 1 House Supervisor, minimum shift of 5 hours
  • 1 Head Usher, minimum shift of 4.5 hours
  • 2 Line/Lobby Attendants, minimum shift of 4.5 hours
  • 5 Ticket Tearers, minimum shift of 4 hours
  • 14 Ushers, minimum shift of 4 hours

Ticketing Staff ($) – including Treasurer, will be on duty in the ticket office to sell tickets, assist Licensee with other ticketing services, answer inquiries, and distribute literature. 4 hours minimum shift. Full staff: 1 Treasurer and 3 Ticketing Staff Members.

Security Officer ($) – Emerson College arranges for police officers to ensure the safety of the building and its patrons. The officers are trained to deal with medical emergencies. 4 hours minimum shift, call time 1 hour before curtain.

Janitorial Services ($) – contracted at a fixed rate, per performance.

In accordance with applicable law, Licensee will be billed for overtime at 150% (time and a half) for the hours exceeding 40 in a Monday-Sunday work week and for work before 8:00 am and after 11:00 pm.

Program Books

Licensees publish their own program books and stuffers. Have them delivered to the main lobby any time during your License Period. We cannot accept early deliveries because there is no storage space. The Paramount may add its program stuffers to your books. If the Theatre Manager on Duty needs to hire extra ushers for your program stuffers you will pay those costs, but if they are needed for Paramount stuffers, you will not be charged.

Extra programs and stuffers will be discarded on closing night unless other arrangements have been made with the House Supervisor. Performers may not take programs until intermission on closing night.

Lobby Setup and Use

Rules are set based on obligations to the Boston Fire Department, the public, and Emerson College policy. Please understand that we will work to meet your needs while meeting our other obligations.

Placement of tripods, easels, folding chairs, or additional tables are not allowed without written permission by the Theatre Manager. In an emergency, these may be considered trip hazards and must be set up and placed in appropriate areas at the discretion of the Paramount Theatre staff.

Member Table: We can provide limited table space. This may be used for merchandise, press, subscriptions, or information. Some activities may not be allowed, such as product distribution. See Theatre Manager on Duty for details.

You may use banners and signs as long as they are certified for flammability by the Boston Fire Department. Please discuss where banners or signs may be placed with the Theatre Manager on Duty.

Taping up signs and merchandise or any use of tape is prohibited. You will be charged for the damage it causes. Paramount staff may provide acceptable fasteners upon request. Charges ($) for resurfacing/repairs: $100–500/hour.

Setup must be FINISHED 60 minutes before curtain.


The Paramount will operate or contract concession sales in the theater and backstage as requested. These may include food, drink, alcohol, catering, coat check, and merchandise.

If you wish to sell merchandise, you must submit a written request to the Ticketing Manager at least a day before first sale. If approved, you will receive written notice. The PAR staff will count in merchandise before each shift and count out at the end of the night. The Paramount charges 20% commission based on inventory counts with no comp deductions. The theater management reserves the right to refuse any merchandise item for any reason.

Receptions, Rehearsals, Photos & Recordings

Receptions in the Paramount must be planned in advance with the Director of Production.

ANY ALCOHOL MUST BE SERVED BY EMERSON COLLEGE CATERING, (617) 824-8065 ($). Extra janitorial services ($) may be charged. A security officer ($) will be on duty.

Various locations are available for receptions. Please contact the Director of Production for details and to make requests.

If this is an Emerson College event where alcohol is served and students are present, you must obtain written permission from the President of the College.

Open Dress Rehearsals must be requested no later than 3 weeks before load-in, to the Director of Production. For 25 guests or less, they may enter through the 555
Washington entrance and proceed through security. Submit the list of attendees to the security desk no later than 4 hours prior to Rehearsal. For more than 25 guests,
Front of House staff must be on duty to ensure safety. Guests will enter through Front of House. Submit the list of attendees to the Ticketing Manager, no later than 4
hours prior. If other arrangements have been made (i.e., tickets, passes, etc.), discuss with the Ticketing Manager.

Events may be photographed or recorded only with the written permission of the Director of Production as specified in the License Agreement. Once approved, discuss where photographer is to be located with the Theatre Manager on Duty, to determine if seats need to be killed. The photographer or recorder must arrive no later than 1 hour before curtain and be 100% set-up by 45 minutes before curtain.

Electronic News Gathering Crews, which are self contained, running on battery packs, and have wireless or camera mount mics will be allowed to shoot as long as you have informed the Theatre Manager on duty. They may shoot no more than 5 minutes of tape, airing no more than 30 seconds (consistent with Equity/AGMA) unless you have made other arrangements.


The Paramount has the following accommodations:

  • Wheelchair locations for 7 people
  • 5 transfer chairs
  • Wheelchair ramps, ticket counters, washrooms, and elevator
  • FM listening devices for all events free to our guests
  • TTY Box Office (1-888-889-8587)
  • Large print, high contrast signage

We guarantee seating to persons using wheelchairs as long as there are seats available. Accessible seats are held until curtain, unless we otherwise sell out. Only then are they released to the general public.

You may choose to make Large Print and/or Braille program books.