Paramount Mainstage


“The Paramount Center is a significant landmark in our city and an anchor in our vibrant downtown and Theatre District. The City of Boston is very proud of its history and I congratulate Emerson College and the Boston Redevelopment Authority on receiving this honor. Thanks to their outstanding work and dedication on this project, many future generations of Boston residents and visitors will be able to experience this historic and beautiful theater.”


The Paramount Center is a mixed-use, state-of-the-art performance and production complex enlivening one of the oldest American theatrical sites at the heart of downtown Boston.  It includes three theaters, seven rehearsal studios, a scene shop, a movie studio, a restaurant, and a residence hall for 262 students in Boston’s historic Theatre District.  An adaptive reuse of a site dating to the American Revolution that interprets, incorporates and celebrates its historic fabric and function, it is unique in the United States and has received numerous awards, some of which are listed below.