Office of the Arts

Venue Inquiries

Office of the Arts (OA) administers venue use requests and supports multiple venues on Emerson's campus in the Paramount, Majestic, and Tufte buildings. When not booked for rehearsal, preparation, performances, and screenings by the Performing Arts or Visual and Media Arts departments; ArtsEmerson; or Emerson Stage projects, workshops, or classes; these spaces are available for use by students, faculty, staff, and administrators of the College. Departments or organizations are billed for the associated costs. A few of these venues are also available for alumni and off-campus users.

For public events, and for events that utilize the technical equipment in these spaces, the Office of the Arts will provide staff support. OA has sufficient staff to support 30 events each week, where an event is defined as a performance, rehearsal, class, workshop, lecture, or production load-in or load-out day. Priority will always be given to public performances and public screenings.

Requesting a Venue

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Planning a Reception

All public spaces in the Paramount Center and Cutler Majestic Theatre, including stages, are licensed for serving alcoholic beverages. The Licensing Board and ABCC rules strictly control how we sell and distribute beverages and food on those premises. Once you have confirmed your room reservation, you may arrange for reception food and beverages if needed. If you wish to serve alcohol, please see our Food & Alcohol Policies. Note: Emerson College policy requires that, when students may be present, you submit an alcohol approval form and obtain prior permission.

If you plan a reception without alcohol, or located elsewhere than the Paramount Center or Cutler Majestic Theatre, you may make those arrangements through Emerson College Dining Services.

All spaces in the Paramount are licensed for serving alcoholic beverages.