Office of the Arts

Faculty Users

VMA and PA Faculty

Emerson Stage, the Performing Arts Department (for the five live performance stages), and VMA (for the Bright Family Screening Room) require these venues as part of their core missions and curricula. They receive priority and book directly with the OA as part of the OA’s annual space planning.

Other Faculty and Academic Users


Academic departments will set their own priorities for faculty, student, and classroom work.  

Faculty, staff, and students must fill out a Venue Request Form or a BFSR Request Form and submit it to the department representative for consideration. If it meets the department’s criteria, the department’s representative will send the request form to the Office of Academic Affairs for authorization. Once authorized, AA will email the request to to determine costs and availability of space.


Requests are accepted on a rolling basis. For academic and other College departments:

  • Fall semester requests are accepted beginning the third week in June.
  • Spring semester requests are accepted beginning the third week in October.

Requestors are encouraged to apply at least 6 weeks prior to the date of their event as a late fee will be added for any request that is made fewer than 21 days of the date requested.