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ArtsEmerson: The World on Stage and Screen

Barbara Wysocka in "Chopin Without Piano"
Barbara Wysocka in "Chopin Without Piano"

“At ArtsEmerson, we put the world on stage with the passionate belief that theatre should be an art form that everyone can access, artists and audiences alike.

We invite you to join us as we explore how to make this vision of inclusivity a reality. We want to take you to place you have not been, in ways you could not anticipate, with a room full of strangers (who are your neighbors) to sort it all out. Let us begin, together, to rediscover our community through the shared experience of art."

ArtsEmerson: The World On Stage and Screen

We operate from the assumption that the arts belong to everyone. Every decision we make, every new programming choice and operational strategy, emerges from that conviction.

Now in our fifth year, ArtsEmerson presents an adventurous season of local, national, and international performances in the heart of downtown Boston. Our programming attempts to put the world on stage, with work that emanates from the language of theater, yet pushes the boundaries into dance, music, and opera. Our commitment to artistic excellence is documented in the record of reviews, awards, and continued success of the projects nurtured here.

ArtsEmerson Mission:

We are generative in spirit. We direct our cultural assets toward projects that generate innovative work, ignite new collaborative relationships, and foster new aesthetic experiences for our audiences.

We are international in scope. We engage the majority minority makeup of our city by programming productions from around the globe and cultivating a diverse audience that mirrors our city’s demographics.

We are additive to the cultural landscape. We intentionally program in the gaps of our city’s cultural ecosystem so that we are adding to our community, not competing with it. We work in long arcs of relationships. We are invested in long-term collaborative partnerships with the artists who occupy our stages, and in turn, provide our audiences the opportunity to follow the artist’s work over time.

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