For the Media

Faculty Experts on Politics

Faculty in the College’s Communication Studies and Journalism departments are experts on campaign strategies, media coverage, debates, nonverbal communication, stress of campaigning on family life, political polling, and more.

Below is a roster of Emerson’s political experts and their areas of expertise. To connect with these faculty members, please contact Assistant VP/Director of Media Relations Carole McFall at and 617-824-8415.

  • Mneesha Gellman

    Assistant Professor, Institute for Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies

    Gellman’s area of expertise is social movements and ethnic minority rights in Latin America and Turkey. She focuses on how memories of state and paramilitary violence are used in rights claims, and how policies of political, economic, and cultural exclusion or inclusion of minorities affect democratization and multiculturalism. Currently, Gellman has a focus on the right to mother tongue languages.

  • Spencer Kimball

    Senior Scholar-In-Residence, Department of Communication Studies

    Kimball is a nationally recognized public opinion pollster. He also holds expertise in political communication, sports communication, and social media.

  • Shane Martin

    Affiliated Faculty, Department of Communication Studies

    Martin is an experienced political consultant who has conducted numerous political polls and surveys, devised campaign strategy and prepared candidates for debate. He has worked at the Massachusetts State House and consulted state and local politicians throughout New England.

  • Vincent Raynauld

    Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Studies

    Raynauld is an expert in social media, political campaigning, journalism, crisis communication, online politics, political activism, sports communication, and e-learning.

  • David Gerzof Richard

    Affiliated Faculty, Department of Communication Studies

    Gerzof Richard is knowledgeable on the subjects of advertising, branding, cyber-bullying, Facebook, global marketing, integrated marketing, management, media ethics, new media, public relations, social media, texting, and twitter. He is the founder and president of BIGfish an integrated social media, PR, marketing and social influence firm.

  • Keri Thompson

    Senior Lecturer, Department of Communication Studies

    Thompson is an expert in political communication, speech, public speaking, social media, rhetoric and language, as well as campaigns and candidates.