Emerson in the News

  • President Pelton outlines his vision

    The Boston Globe published a story on President Pelton’s inauguration, outlining his vision to establish Emerson College as the world’s leading institution of higher education in the arts and communication.

  • Romanska's play widely reviewed

    The play Opheliamachine, written by Associate Professor Magda Romanska, received a slew of positive reviews from several Los Angeles media outlets.

  • Brittani Haywood '12 Discusses the Upcoming Election with Katie Couric

    Emerson journalism student Brittani Haywood '12 was recently part of a panel of college students who discussed their views about the upcoming election with Katie Couric on CBS News.

  • Asim poem reflects on Ferguson turmoil

    Jabari Asim, associate professor in Writing, Literature, and Publishing, wrote a poem about the Ferguson, Missouri situation titled, "The Talk," which was published in the Washington Post.

  • Cheeseman cast in New Rep's Race (shows through Nov. 4, 2012)

    Senior Artist-in-Residence Kenneth Cheeseman was cited in a Boston Globe article about his role in David Mamet’s play Race, currently being performed by the New Repertory Theatre.

  • HowlRound’s Culture Coin on fastcompany.com

    Based at the College, HowlRound, a think tank for the arts, has developed a way to recognize and reward underpaid artists that doesn’t involve traditional currency.  

  • Alumna co-produces Broadway's "Priscilla Queen of the Desert"

    Bonnie Comley, MA ’94, is one of the producers of Broadway’s Priscilla Queen of the Desert: The Musical, an adaptation of the Australian movie of the same title that was released in 1994.

  • Gianvito's film premieres in U.S., at MoMA

    Following international premieres in Japan, Switzerland, Canada, Brazil, Denmark, Portugal, Austria and Croatia, VMA Professor John Gianvito’s film Far From Afghanistan will premiere in the U.S. at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York at the Museum’s annual Documentary Fortnight, February 15 through March 4, 2013.



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