Painter's Short Short Story Collection Garners Raves

Pam Painter

Elaine McMillion, MFA '13

October 05, 2010

Writing, Literature and Publishing Professor Pamela Painter’s short, short story collection Wouldn’t You Like to Know has received recognition from

Blogger and Fiction Editor Randall Brown noted that the short, which was published by Carnegie Mellon University Press, was “brilliant.”

“I recently finished reading Pamela Painter’s Wouldn’t You Like to Know and would agree with what Alice Hoffman calls this collection of very short stories: ‘…a brilliant chronicle of the human condition, moving, complex, wholly original, and huge fun to read.’”

Painter’s first collection of stories, Getting to Know the Weather, won the Great Lakes Colleges Association New Writers Award, and was reissued as a Carnegie Mellon Classic Contemporary in 2008.