McLarin and Rodriguez discuss Presidential debates on WGBH's Basic Black

October 29, 2012

Appearing recently on Basic Black, Assistant Professor in Writing, Literature and Publishing Kim McLarin and Journalist-in-Residence Cindy Rodriguez shared their opinions with moderator Callie Crossley and fellow guests about the Presidential debates.

“The political system in Washington can’t continue the way that it is, with lobbyists basically writing bills and paying for congressmen to pass these bills,” said Rodriguez, who expressed concern that, overall, the debates were not raising big issues such as reform. McLarin conferred that the candidates have not been talking about the important issues. “Issues of poverty and health care disparity, which touch on racial issues—anything that touches on racial issues—neither one is going to talk about. And in some ways, Obama is more constrained from talking about it and certainly the issues of reform,” she said. McLarin questioned why voters are not demanding more substantive conversations.

Watch the interview on Basic Black.