McCauley's play receives lots of media buzz

January 27, 2012

Emerson professor Robbie McCauley recently appeared on WGBH to talk about her play Sugar, which premiered at the Paramount Theatre last week. McCauley explained the reasons she wrote and performed her autobiographical play about her struggle with diabetes. She also commented on Paula Deen’s recent announcement about her diabetes.

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Additionally, Gillian Daniels of The New England Theatre Geek reviewed McCauley’s play, commenting on the “brilliant stage setup” and the chemistry between McCauley and her pianist Chauncey Moore.

“She certainly knows how to draw in an apprehensive audience, slowly endearing herself to them with each new chapter of her story,” said Daniels. “McCauley backtracks beyond her years, as well, linking sugar cane to both the slavery and diabetes that haunts her identity but rarely confines her… Bouncing between dramatic and grimly educational, “Sugar” never lets tragedy bog it down for long. This show is about triumph and the inspiration with which it leaves its audience is stoic rather than cheesy, honest rather than, well, sugar-coated.”

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