Kimball talks Gomez, Markey race

May 28, 2013

Spencer Kimball, scholar-in-residence in the Communication Studies Department, was interviewed by three news outlets recently about the Massachusetts U.S. Senate race between Democrat Edward Markey, a U.S. Representative, and Republican Gabriel Gomez.

Kimball, a pollster and political consultant, told The Hill that a recent comment by Gomez calling Markey “pond scum” was “certainly an undisciplined move.”

“This is the U.S. Senate. This is not a state race [or] a local race,” Kimball said.

In an interview with Jewish Boston, Kimball said Gomez has an uphill battle, in part because, “being pro-life, that may hurt him with the female vote.” Kimball was also interviewed on the topic by Salon.

Read the Salon article.

Read The Hill article.

Read the Jewish Boston article.


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