Gianvito's films praised by critics

Associate Professor John Gianvito

Alison O'Leary Murray

January 21, 2011

Three film critics cited in the British magazine Sight and Sound named Vapor Trail (Clark), a film by Associate Professor John Gianvito, as one of their top five films of 2010. “A monument to all poor who refuse to see themselves as imperialism’s collateral damage, erected in humble solidarity,” wrote reviewers Christoph Huber & Olaf Möller. The film explores the environmental legacy of the American military in the Philippines following the closure of a major outpost there.

Gianvito is no stranger to accolades for his self-made films. His 2007 work, Profit motive and the whispering wind, was on Time Out New York’s recent list of The Best 50 Documentaries of All Time. And his 2001 work, Mad Songs of Fernanda Hussein, garnered both a Special Award and nomination as Best Film at the 2001 Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Film.

Filmmaking for the BFA

It was the culmination of their college experience. For their BFA film project, Joseph Rechtman (Dec) ’11, Daniel Gamache ’11, and Jared Kowalczyk ’11 created Gem of the West, an atypical Western flick.
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