Like father like son for Emerson broadcasters

Ed Harding ’75 and Adam Harding ’08

Carrie Sheffield

July 15, 2010

When the son of WCVB veteran anchor Ed Harding ’75, Adam Harding ’08, got his first TV reporting job two years ago, the elder Harding told the The Boston Herald he dreamed of the day when his son would say, “Now back to you, Dad.”

Now the Hardings are closer than ever to making that dream a reality. The prodigal son is coming back to New England where, The Boston Herald reports, he landed a reporting job at WMUR-TV in New Hampshire. WMUR is the sister station to his father’s WCVB-Boston station.

Adam “stood out immediately” from the dozens of reporters vying for the general assignment post, said WMUR news director Alisha McDevitt.

Adam’s first on-air position was at KNDU-TV, an NBC affiliate in Kennewick, Washington, as a “one-man-band reporter” and anchor. While there, he broke the story about Linda Lusk , the former mayor of Prosser, Washington, and 49-year-old mother who was charged with molesting a teenage boy and sending him text messages. Lusk’s husband is the principal of the 14-year-old boy’s high school.

“He’s somebody who really digs for stories,” McDevitt said. “Not only did Adam break that story, but he stuck with it over time, and it really showed us that he knows how to develop contacts and work stories,” McDevitt continued. “Adam is really talented.”