Farma's film featured in Boston Globe

July 14, 2011

Emerson MFA student and South Boston native Padraic Farma '14 was highlighted in the Boston Globe recently for his film Southie ’74, which is still in development. His thesis project for Emerson, the film is a documentary about the court-ordered desegregation of Boston Public Schools and how South Boston’s resistance to busing stained the reputation of his home. In 1974, a federal judge mandated that students from South Boston, a working-class Irish neighborhood, and Roxbury, a predominantly African American neighborhood, be shuttled between schools in both neighborhoods to compel integration. Many South Boston residents fiercely protested the process, earning the neighborhood a reputation for racism.

For his project, Farma is interviewing people from South Boston and Roxbury who were students during the mid-1970s. “I’m trying to capture the South Boston voice, but I’m not trying to defend it,” Farma told the Globe. “It’s not about right or wrong. It’s about sitting down and having a conversation. That hasn’t happened yet.”