Emersonian Directs Amanda Palmer at ART

Steve Bogart

Carrie Fuller

August 31, 2010

Steven Bogart, MA ’86, encouraged Amanda Palmer to take creative risks, and we can safely say she took his advice. Palmer, half of the former punk cabaret duo The Dresden Dolls, is now a solo artist with an international following. She was Bogart’s student 16 years ago at Lexington High School, and continues to work with him .

That’s why when the American Repertory Theater (ART) told Palmer she could choose the director for her latest project at the ART’s Oberon, she chose Bogart.

In a recent Boston Globe article, Palmer told reporter Laura Collins-Hughes that budget has nothing to do with taste.

“You know, I have seen so much so-called professional theater that was so . . . terrible, and most of the shows that I’ve seen Steve Bogart produce at the high school have blown away $500,000 productions that I’ve seen in real theaters,’’ Palmer said. “It’s the same thing, [in music], I mean. I’ve gone and seen mainstream pop acts that touched me in no way possible, and I’ve seen fringe shows that had budgets of $500 that changed my life.’’