Emerson Los Angeles groundbreaking makes headlines

March 02, 2012

Numerous media outlets have covered the recent groundbreaking of Emerson College Los Angeles. They include:

• "Emerson College has long enjoyed a starring role in Hollywood, counting among its graduates Denis Leary, Henry Winkler, and Jay Leno," read a Boston Globe article. "Now, more juniors and seniors at the Theater District college will have an opportunity to study and intern in Tinseltown as they work toward their degrees." The Globe posted a second story about the groundbreaking after the event. 

• A story that ran in the Boston Business Journal and the Los Angeles Business Journal mentions Emerson "building up its West Coast presence" and lists some of the Colleges’s illustrious alumni in the entertainment business.

• The Los Angeles Times’ Roger Vincent called the new facility "a potential Hollywood landmark," and said "Emerson College's development is another sign of the entertainment industry's ongoing return to the neighborhood."

The Hollywood Reporter, also covered the new building, calling it a "dramatically conceived facility."

The Chronicle of Higher Education and the Argentina Star both mentioned the new construction.

MSN and The Wrap spoke with alum, Doug Herzog, president of Viacom Entertainment Group, about the groundbreaking. He hailed the move as an important next step in Emerson's evolution. "This will make the college very, very visible, to the entertainment community," Herzog said. "Boston is a great place, but it is 3,000 miles away from Los Angeles, and there's a great benefit to having students come out here to get some real life experience within the entertainment community."

IMDb.com also covered the groundreaking.

• Boston's WBUR interviewed President Pelton for a report on the groundbreaking featured on the radio and online.


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