Assistant Professor Eric Gordon's video game spotlighted in Boston Globe

Eric Gordon

Carrie Sheffield

May 03, 2010

Emerson has partnered with the Asian Community Development Corporation (ACDC) and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) in Boston to create Participatory Chinatown, a fully immersive, 3D game where players wander through a digitized version of their neighborhood as one of 15 characters in search of housing, employment, or social activities.

The groups will unveil the video game at a community meeting in Boston’s Chinatown on Monday, May 3. The game will allow Chinatown residents to experience real-time changes to their neighborhood, by navigating a virtual environment.

A May 3 Boston Globe article highlighted the work of Department of Visual and Media Arts Assistant Professor Eric Gordon. “The game is the brainchild of Eric Gordon… who also worked on a video game for community meetings in Allston,” wrote Globe Correspondent Jeannie Nuss. “This is not about replacing the community meeting,’’ Gordon told the paper. “It’s about enhancing the community meeting.’’

Watch the Participatory Chinatown video »