WERS to host Frog Pond college nights

Allison Teixeira

October 27, 2011

Emerson’s award-winning, student-run radio station WERS 88.9 FM is gearing up to host college nights at the Boston Common Frog Pond during this year’s ice skating season. They begin their hosting duties Tuesday, November 15, and will continue hosting throughout the winter every Tuesday from 5-9 pm (December 27 and February 21 are excluded).

At the college nights, WERS will provide the entertainment. Four WERS hosts will provide skaters and passersby with an energetic programming mix of the types of music played each day on the station, including indie rock, alternative, reggae, and hip hop. Besides playing music, the DJ hosts will interact with the audience and give out WERS prizes.

Students from all Boston-area colleges can skate on college nights for a special price of $2. Equipment rentals are available on site for those who do not own skates.

“The Frog Pond was looking to partner with a radio station that could really appeal to the college audience, plus help promote the night,” said Sara Morgan, marketing director for WERS. “We have a much bigger audience base than a lot of the smaller college stations and will be a partner that can really enhance the night, making it a weekly event rather than just a discount program.”

According to Morgan, many WERS students are very seasoned event hosts. Whether it is interacting with the crowd, hosting, or general “street teaming” (giving out prizes and information), she said, they are exposed to all aspects of radio-industry events, and that kind of exposure helps prepare them for radio careers.

Katie DiMartile ’12, who is the program director for WERS and a radio major, has been tasked with choosing the playlists for the weekly college night at the Frog Pond. Her job, she said, is both at the event and prior to it -- making sure that she creates a playlist that represents WERS “and all of the crazy shows that we have.”

“I’m really excited to learn how to work an event like this,” said DiMartile. “I’ve been to them before, but I’ve always been one of the people handing things out, not the person executing and working with the crowd, and that’s going to be a good learning experience.”