Terri Trespicio MFA ’02 recently featured on the Martha Stewart radio blog

Martha Stewart

Brenna Gerwitz
June 11, 2010

Terri Trespicio MFA ’02, was recently featured on the Martha Stewart radio blog in a post titled  “A ‘Day in the Life’ with Whole Living Host, Terri Trespicio.” Trespicio is the senior feature editor at Martha Stewart’s Body+Soul magazine and daily radio show host of Whole Living. When asked what she enjoys most about her career in radio broadcasting she replied, “I get to not only come up with the content, I get to creatively devise how to maximize that content and share it across a range of media platforms. I’m never, ever bored.” Trespicio’s show Whole Living is on Sirius XM radio every day at 10:00 am EST.


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